Louise Braddock

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I co-founded the London Philosophy-Psychoanalysis Group with David Bell and Richard Rusbridger from the British Psychoanalytical Society, in 1999.

I originally trained as a psychiatrist, then became a philosopher, gaining my PhD from the University of Reading in 2000. I am now Bye-Fellow at Girton College at the University of Cambridge, where I have lectured on the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of psychoanalysis. I am an associate member of the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Oxford, where I formerly lectured on the philosophy of social science. Also in Oxford, I convene (with Richard Gipps) the St John’s College Research Centre Interdisciplinary Seminars in Psychoanalysis. I am a founder member of INSEI (www.insei.net) an interdisciplinary network on sympathy/empathy and imagination.

I research across the two disciplines of philosophy and psychoanalysis, working with members of the London Philosophy-Psychoanalysis Group and with other psychoanalytic colleagues in London and Sydney. I work on explaining concepts central to psychoanalysis: identification, ‘empathy’ and sympathy in the social sciences; imagination; the counter-transference in the psychoanalytic process; the philosophical understanding of clinical psychoanalytic observation; processes of psychic construction in the individual and mechanisms of transmission between the individual and society.

I am also the Director of Research for the Independent Social Research Foundation, which funds social science research (www.isrf.org).



  • 2007: Co-editor with Michael Lacewing, The Academic Face of Psychoanalysis: Papers in Philosophy, the Humanities and the British Clinical Tradition Routledge


  • 2016: ‘Freud, Hegel and the Mind, and Philosophy as Retrieval’ Hegel’s Philosophical Psychology (eds Susanne Hermann-Sinai and Lucia Ziglioli) Routledge
  • 2016: ‘Understanding Projective Identification’ (forthcoming in Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology)
  • 2013: ‘Priority setting in healthcare: from arbitrariness to societal values’ (jointly authored: Philippe Batifoulier, Louise Braddock, and John Latsis) Journal of Institutional Economics 9(1):61-80
  • 2012: ‘Character, psychoanalytic identification, and numerical identity’ Ratio 25(1):1-18
  • 2011: ‘Psychological Identification, Imagination, and PsychoanalysisPhilosophical Psychology 24 (5):639-657
  • 2010: ‘Emotions, Interpretation and the Psychoanalytic Countertransference‘  Anthropological Fieldwork: a Relational Process (eds Dimitrina Spencer and James Davies) Cambridge Scholars Press
  • 2006: ‘Psychoanalysis as functionalist social science: the legacy of Freud’s ‘Project for a Scientific Psychology’ Studies in History and Philosophy of Biology and Biomedical Sciences 37: 394-413 reprinted in Braddock and Lacewing (2007)
  • 2003: ‘Philosophy and Psychoanalysis’ The Philosopher’s Magazine (Autumn issue)
  • 1986: ‘Visual Hallucinations due to Indomethacin: a Case Report’ (jointly authored: L.E. Braddock and R.N.S.Heard) International Clinical Psychopharmacology 1:263-266

Book reviews

  • 2001: The Analytic Freud. Michael Levine. Ratio: 14:289-294
  • 1997: Descartes: an Intellectual Biography. Stephen Gaukroger. Philosophical Investigations: 20:148-152